What If I'm Not Near Southwest Ohio?

In conferences, in classrooms, and on the web, thinking Christians everywhere are saying, "I need more fellowship with like-minded people." So what if you want that kind of fellowship but you're not in or near southwest Ohio? 

The Ohio group is the first of many, God willing. We're working to find out what's possible or impossible, good or bad, helpful or unhelpful. You might want to give us some time to learn from that. 

But if you really want to find out about something similar in your area, please fill out the form linked below. Be aware that:

  • We're only going to grow this concept as fast as we can do it with good leadership
  • Nothing will start, then, without an identified, qualified leader in place
  • The main qualification for leadership is not apologetics skill. It's proven ministry leadership skill. Apologetics is important, obviously, but the main thing is to know how to work with people in church, parachurch, or (in many cases) military and/or business leadership roles.

If you think you can help get a group started on that basis please let us know.