Thinking Christian Connection

The Thinking Christian Connection is a network centered in southwest Ohio and surrounding regions, connecting thinking Christians in fellowship to encourage one another in our unique interest in apologetics, worldview, and discipleship of the mind, and to learn together how to be more effective in using these interests and gifts to serve others.

I can't tell you how often the story has been repeated.

I was speaking to a breakout session at Truth for a New Generation in Greenville, SC, and I asked, "For those of you who are really interested in apologetics, how many of you feel alone in your church?" More than 3/4 of the crowd raised their hands.

I asked the same question at another breakout at the National Conference on Christian Apologetics in Charlotte. Same answer. And at Defend the Faith in New Orleans. Same answer again -- although not quite as much, since many of the people there were studying apologetics there at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Not all of us get to do that. Most of us feel alone in our interest in the life of the mind. 

But here's the great thing (it's rather ironic): If you feel alone, you're not alone! There are lots of people like you! (They keep raising their hands at these sessions, after all.) You just haven't found the other people nearby who feel alone like you do.

But it isn't just about feeling connected...

Wouldn't you love to really use your apologetics?

We're not just thinkers, we're Christian thinkers. God has given us our gifts and interest for a reason, which like all other gifts (see 1 Cor. 12 and Eph. 4) is to serve others in love. Although there are tons of apologetics books and calendars full of conferences (and we'd like to read and attend them all!), almost all of them tell us more about the content of our apologetics, and almost none of them help us learn how to be effective in using apologetics in our churches, campuses, and communities.

To teach, to encourage, to counsel, and to share

I can't tell you how many blog posts I've seen about how to get apologetics into our churches. Some of us have seen more progress on that than others. We can all learn from each other how to find opportunities to teach, counsel, and encourage others. 

There aren't many of us. Not enough, anyway.

Christians with a strong interest in discipleship of the mind can be hard to find. Lots of us feel like loners in our church. Even if we don't, most of us would still enjoy more good opportunities to get together with likeminded people. This is your chance.

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(But what if I don't live near there?)